Private Sessions

(6 or 12 session packages)

All Advanced Canine Development training programs require an initial $100 consultation.

One on one Lessons

Our private training sessions are individualized to your needs and the results you want for your dog.

Private sessions are ideal for clients who prefer to be their dog's trainer and have the time and desire to do so, with some professional coaching. This program puts the training responsibilities in your hands. By taking the reins from our training staff, the achievements and training success of your dog are your success too. Our trainers are experienced, knowledgeable, and they will work with you to develop a training plan that is right for your dog. We use positive reinforcement methods, so your dog will learn quickly and have fun while they're learning.

Our trainers will set up the desired behaviors with your dog, walk you through the training steps, and leave the repetitions to practice and build on, up to you. At each session, we will teach you how to instill and reinforce the behaviors you want for your dog, and explain the expected progress for the dog's behavior before scheduling the next session.

These programs work well for families with a new puppy that want to get off on the right foot or homes with a dog that has a few simple behaviors that need to be taught or addressed. This program is designed to help with teaching behaviors like sit, down, walking, crate training or any specific, but simple behavior, you are interested in teaching your dog.   

This type of training is not recommended for dogs with complex or extensive behavior problems that require a high level of skill. Behaviors not suited for this type of training include, reactivity, aggression, chasing, lunging, separation anxiety, or any negative behavior that is impacted by environmental elements outside of your control — things like: multiple dogs, unfamiliar people, weather, cars, rabbits, etc. Due to the stress that problematic behaviors can cause within the home, attempting to train a dog that requires behavior modification in private sessions often becomes unproductive and frustrating.

This program requires that you have the time and ability to be consistent and practice many repetitions before moving to the next lesson. Purchasing these training packages gives you the flexibility to schedule training sessions at your convenience. We recommend scheduling the next session, once you and your dog have successfully completed the repetitions, and are ready to move on to the next step. You can also schedule the next training if you are not achieving the desired results from the previous lesson.

Private sessions only come in packages of 6 or 12 sessions.

If you're looking for a way to improve a specific element of your dog's behavior, our private dog training sessions are the perfect solution.

Dogs that only receive private sessions are not eligible for Board and Maintain or Elite Canine Club.

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