All Advanced Canine Development training programs require an initial $100 consultation.


Board and train

Board and Train Programs

Our board and train programs provide a unique opportunity for your dog to receive individualized training, socialization, and exposure to common situations in safe, clean, comfortable, transparent, and stimulating environments. One significant advantage of our program is our low dog-to-trainer ratio, which ensures your dog receives highly individualized attention, care, and interaction. Our customized programs can range from 2 to 6+ weeks depending on your family's needs and training goals. During this time, your dog will experience total immersion in structure and socialization, with numerous daily training sessions, and plenty of play and rest in between.

Our board and train programs the best option to see results for your dog's behavioral wellness, quickly. In this program, your dog will receive intensive training from experienced professionals in real-life situations, while easing the stress of training for you and your companion. This is a win-win for your home and lifestyle.


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