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behavioral training

Behavioral Modification (2 - 6 weeks)

Fear, anxiety and aggression are all signs that your dog’s behavioral wellness needs attention and some type of modification. Growling, excessive barking, leash reactivity, chasing and many other negative behaviors are delicate to address and can be time consuming to resolve. Our patient, knowledgeable, trainers provide a highly structured, safe, calm, nurturing environment for your dog to thrive. The board and train program for behavioral modification is determined on a case-by-case basis and the program is tailored to the specific needs of each dog to get the best results for your family.

Some common examples of poor behavioral health that can be addressed in our behavior modification program include:

• Barking Excessively
• Chewing Inappropriately
• Crate anxiety
• chasing (rabbits, cats, cars, bikes)
• Digging
• Dog aggression
• Failure to respond to learned commands
• Growling
• Jumping
• Leash pulling
• Reactivity (leash, noise, etc…)
• Resource guarding (food or toys)
• Separation anxiety
• Severe fear

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