All Advanced Canine Development training programs require an initial $100 consultation.

Puppy training

Basic Manners for Puppies and Dogs (2+ weeks)

Whether the trials of puppy training are overwhelming you or your good natured dog didn’t get off to the best start in life, dogs of any age can learn and improve their manners.

Our Basic Manners program is a total immersion in real-life learning for your dog. This program incorporates socialization, leash manners, house training, canine manners, and basic commands through structure, repetition, proper stimulation, exercise, and numerous daily training sessions. Your dog will gain a strong foundation of obedience, as well as, the skills needed for good canine manners and etiquette. By maintaining a low dog-to-trainer ratio, we ensure that your dog receives highly individualized attention, care, and interaction. In addition, you will be given the tools, in on-site training sessions, to make it easy for you to continue your dog’s behavioral health and wellness in your home.


Our basic manners program focuses on the following:


• Sounds + noises
• Indoor + outdoor objects
• Children
• Dogs
• Animals
• Different surfaces
• Everyday practical environmental situations and exposure

House Training:

• Housebreaking
• Teaching a puppy/dog to relieve on command
• Crate training

Canine Manners:

• No jumping
• Barking
• Counter-surfing
• Inappropriate chewing
• Mouthing
• Bite inhibition
• No chasing

Basic Commands:

• Attention/focus
• Asking permission
• Sit
• Down
• Stay
• Leash manners
• Impulse control - food, doors, car, crate
• Appropriate play with humans/dogs
• Proper greetings for humans/dogs
• Distraction training

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